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Seymour Products is the best website I came across in this line of business, extremely good value for money but the best asset of the business is Terri, she is very helpful and accommodating, Way to Go Terri, thank you so much.  *Haggag H.

I bought your book so that we could see what one of your e-books looked like. I wanted to know what a real "e-book" looked like as the company that we've previously seen was nothing but trash, pard my speech! I purchased some e books from software billions club and nationwide home business center and they were nothing but billboards for their program. The prices were outrageous and ridiculous. How refreshing to see a real legitimate book from your site. I must say, we are very impressed. Your book was very nicely done and was very professional. I appreciate you sending a legitimate recipe book as apposed to a private advirtising campaign for your own business advancement. * Toni

Feel free to email us at support@seymourproducts.com if you have any questions or comments.

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