Junkie Nation: How Prescription Drug Addiction is Affecting Our Country

A book that will shock you….

1) Learn About The Most Commonly Abused Drugs

There are certain types of drugs that are more commonly abused than others.  No one, for example, abuses blood pressure medication.  But sleeping pills, anti depressants, anti anxiety and pain medications are very often abused throughout the nation.  There are some legitimate uses for these pills, however.  This book will teach you the difference between using these pills for treatment and abusing these pills.

2) True Addiction Stories

"Junkie Nation!  How Prescription Drug Addiction Is Affecting Our Country" will give you three true histories of prescription drug addicts, each addicted to a different drug.  Their stories will shock you as you learn how they became gradually addicted to these drugs and how they eventually got free from the grip of prescription drug addiction.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide….

Why Certain Drugs Are Prescribed

How Prescription Drugs Are Abused

Dependency and Tolerance of Certain Prescription Drugs

Withdrawal Symptoms

How To Withdraw From Drugs

And a lot more!

This PDF ebook retails for $17.00 but you pay just $1.00!