How to Price Your Product or Service Just Right

"The Best Strategies for Pricing Your Product Competitively!"

If you are trying to sell something on the Internet, pricing your services/ products would be the single most important decision you will take. Since, the Internet provides thousands of alternatives to the customers, you need to be at par with the competition. The prices that you quite will determine how long you can stay in the market.

You need to acquire a clear cut idea about pricing. To what extent can you push it? How often do you need to review the prices? A lot would depend on how you handle this stage of business.

You have to pinpoint a consumer group to begin with and then estimate how much they would be willing to pay for your services or products.

Sneak Peak: Table Of Contents

Pricing: All You Need to Know 5
Working With Price Sensitive Buyers 7
How to Achieve "Winning Price" 9
Pricing According to the Type of Product 11
Pricing Strategies That Improve Profit 13
Price Skimming As a Pricing Strategy 15
Is Psychological Pricing an Effective Strategy? 17
Market Penetration Pricing 19
Promotional Pricing 21
Competitive Pricing 22
Offering Discounts as a Part of Your Pricing Strategy 23
Alternative Pricing Strategies 25
Change Prices to Make Your Offerings More Appealing in Non-Price Ways 27
Value Based Pricing 29

How To Know If Your Pricing Is Right? 30

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