Webinars A-Z

"What are Webinars and Why Should You Care?"

Web Conferencing is a meeting or seminar held over the internet. One can use almost anything – audio, video or even text-based interactions – which are conducted in real time! Cool huh?

In its simplest form, web conferencing can be via a medium of text based 'chats' using Yahoo Messenger or Microsoft NetMeeting or inviting others to converse and being able to communicate in real-time. Such 'chats' can be enhanced by the addition of a simple web camera, and bingo, you have your very own amateur web conferencing setup.

Sneak Peak: Table Of Contents

Web Conferencing 7
What can I do with Web Conferencing? 7
What is Online Collaboration? 7
What are the benefits of Web Conferencing? 7
How much does it cost? 8

Video Seminars 9
Pre Webinar Preparations 10
How to Profit From Webinars 12
Webinar for Better Communication 14
Webinars for Successful Training 16

Your Webinar Agenda 18
Set goals 18
Make opportunities 18
Calculate answers 18
Decide the aim expense according to the listing 19
Increase turnout 19

Hosting a Webinar 20

The Best Servers 22
Webcasting 22
Web Meetings 22

How Can Webinar Software Help You? 24
How to Run a Successful Webinar 26
How to Have a Winning Webinar? 28
Webinar Mistakes 30
Marketing Your Virtual Event 32

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