Slide Up Fx

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A Script to Produce Customizable Slide-Up Ads

What I created was a script that creates customizable slide-up ads. When I checked online to see if my invention was already done, I noticed someone else had created one like it, but theirs was way too slow and not really customizable.

I created one that was blazingly fast. In fact, here are the attributes of what my script can do:

The script is lighting fast, competitor scripts are very slow

The contents of the slide up ad can be completely customized

You can easily create your own unique templates

No database is needed

The slide ups are unobtrusive ads at the bottom of the browser

The ads will not be blocked by popup blockers

Can be used for any type of website, wordpress blog, joomla portals etc

System Requirements:
Unix, Linux, FreeBSD
PHP Version 4.1.0 or later
Apache Web Server 1.3 or later
ionCube Loader support
Unlimited Domain License

This PHP script normally sells for $27.00 but it can be yours for just $1.00!