The Jogging Guide

Anyone who is trying to lose weight needs to engage in some kind of aerobic exercise in order to boost the

metabolism to burn calories faster.

Although a brisk walk will suffice, many people are more comfortable with jogging and feel it works better for them……

Here is what you will learn from this ebook:

Jogging to Lose Weight

Choose a Jogging Trail that is Away from Traffic

Choosing Proper Clothing for Jogging

Choosing Well Lit Places to Jog

Creating Your Own Jogging Trail

Developing a Jogging Routine

Don’t Overdo it

Dress for the Weather When Jogging

Is Jogging Healthy for Everyone?

Is Jogging Safe for Heart Patients?

Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Jog?

Jogging and Walking: the Perfect Combination

Jogging or Running: What Difference Does it Make?

Jogging, Running and Walking, the Aerobic Threesome

Will Jogging Make Bad Knees Worse?

Jogging Your Way to a Healthier You

Let Your Own Body Be Your Guide

Locating the Perfect Place to Jog

Make Jogging a Group Activity

Protect Your Knees with Proper Shoes

Running or Jogging: the Choice is Yours

Safety Tips for Joggers

Should You Jog when You’re Pregnant?

The Health Benefits of Jogging

Using a Track or Jogging Trail

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