Big Profits from Small Priced Products


Are You Pricing Yourself Out of the Market?

Develop Recession Proof Price Points for Online Products

Are You Finding it Harder and Harder to Sell Your High Priced Items?

Let’s face it! The suffering economy is making your business suffer too– turning your customers into tight wads who are more intent than ever on finding that bargain online!

In "Big Profits From Small Priced Products" I discuss –

What types of challenges you can expect to face as an online entrepreneur in the next few years as the result of the recession

The types of approaches to online marketing that may have worked a year ago but are not working any more as a result of the economic downturn

The marketing and promotional tactics that you may still be using that may become completely ineffectual or obsolete within the next few years

How to begin to modify your thinking so that you can turn negatives into positives

Why a similar product launched a year ago would not generate the same kind of income today thanks to changes in attitude about what people can afford

How to come up with ideas for special or short reports that are more affordable for your customers to buy then the usual hundred dollar report that is usually sold online!

And Much Much More

This 33 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights

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