Instant Audio Creator


Supercharge Your Website Into a Marketing Sales Conversion Force By Adding Audio?

The use of audio on web sites has a dramatic effect on your visitors' response to your sales message.

In the world of online marketing, the main driving force that makes people place an order is credibility.

Adding streaming audio on your web site not only adds a more professional appeal and personal connection to your visitors, it literally forces your visitors to respond more positively to your sales pitch.

What does it take to put streaming audio on my web site?

Upload your audio file

Choose your favorite color

Choose buffer time and if to auto-start the recording when web page loads

Copy and paste the code provided to your web site!
(You can also choose to download all the source files to your computer, and upload them to your web site).

It's that simple!

This PHP script comes with Master Resell Rights

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Our Price: $1.00