How to Develop the Guts to Talk with Anyone

Develop Inner Confidence that Manifests Outwardly!

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
Talking with Anyone – What Do You Need?

Chapter 2:
What Does "Breaking the Ice‟ Actually Mean?

Chapter 3:
Asking Him or Her for a Date

Chapter 4:
Approaching Your Job Interview as though You Own Them!

Chapter 5:
Public Speaking – How to Appear and Be Confident Onstage

Chapter 6:
Scoring a Hit with Your Very First Lecture

Chapter 7:
How to Speak with Your Business Clients and Always Win!

Chapter 8:
Speaking With Famous People and Celebrities

Chapter 9:
Being a Leader… How Communication Helps

Chapter 10:
The 3 Ingredients for Any Kind of Successful Public Communication

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