28000 Baby Names

28000 Baby Names

28000 Baby Names:

Are you trying to find the perfect name for your baby?

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What do you get?

Over 28,000 Baby names ~ easy to read, beautifully designed
A to Z Listings for Boys and Girls
Top 100 names from the year 2000 to 2009
11 tips for naming your baby including the Single Most Important Tip on Naming your Baby. (This advice is so important I’m surprised that it is not in some of the Baby Names Book I have Researched.)
Naming Subsequent Babies or Twins
Types of names to avoid
Choosing Unusual Baby Names
And a Worksheet ~ designed to keep track of all your choices and narrow down your favorites, while keeping it FUN
This book is over 600 pages long! or if you prefer an interactive website that will help you decide on the perfect name try the free website babynameplus.net РI am certain you will find all of this helpful!