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How to Build Your Authority on LinkedIn

First off – let me say this – if you are looking for a 300 page tome on making a million dollars in 45 minutes….this is not it.

You will actually have to spend some time setting up each site and putting the plan in place.

Fortunately though, once they are set up – they run with minimal maintenance on your part, but provide the Big G and all of her pets, Panda, Penguin, and whoever is next – Platypus?) with all the food they want.

Google will love you, your clients will love you, your writers and their clients will love you and mostly – you will start loving your life and your bank account again.

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a great place for business contacts – in fact there are very few places where you can connect directly with as many C-level decision makers as you can on LinkedIn.

Everyone is in the mindset of doing business – so it's a place you want to be!

But there is something else that everyone here has in common: we are all trying to find ways to get more exposure for ourselves and our businesses or our client’s businesses..and this where you can step in to help – both yourself and other business people on LinkedIn.

As to the technique itself – I tripped over the core concept accidentally – but it took many months to put together the website that the method utilizes, because there was simply no single resource or tool that did it all quite the way it needed to be done!

This guide includes all of the plugins and resources you need to set up your website the right way – and trust me – it will save you literally weeks of time!!

This 39 page PDF ebook comes with Private Label Rights and plugins.

Retail Price: $27.00
Our Price: $1.00