5000 PLR Articles

5000 Health & Fitness PLR Articles

5000 Health & Fitness PLR Articles

This package contains 5000 PLR Articles about Health & Fitness so you don’t need to worry about quality content anymore for your website or blog.

The contents of this package is solely intended for our customers and you are free to use any of these Private Label Rights articles.

Monster PLR Article Package

Who Else Wants To Grab The No Restriction Private Label Rights To 15000 Top-Shelf Articles That You Can Instantly Turn Around and Sell?”

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You don’t need to have an education. You just have to be willing to read and learn.

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Finding good, but expensive PLR content monthly is easy to find if you go looking, but finding PLR content that you can resell is a different story!
Introducing the… “Monster PLR Article Package”

Take a look around, PLR content is massive business, people seek ready made content on a constant basis, #1 it takes the hassle out of writing, #2 by paying a monthly fee could in effect save you hundreds of dollars!

Writing can be the most grueling task online, especially if you don’t like writing. It’s very easy to spend a lot of time trying to create new material. I’ve written many articles, books, and publications so I can definitely feel your content-creating pain.

Just think about it for a second, what is the average cost for an article written these days?  $12 per article sounds about right.

There’s really only one easy solution that will help grow your business, save you time, and increase your income: Find a consistent content stream.

You absolutely need a content stream that comes in every month that doesn’t require you to write a single word.

This is where the Article Master Series steps in.  15000 Top-Shelf PLR Articles, based on various Niches, that you can plug into your website, OR turn around and resell the PLR!Just look at some of the topics in this MASSIVE Pack of Private Label Articles:

Contact LensesRe-Financing


remote control helicopters


Renting A House Or Apartment


AdSense Advertising


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing On The Internet

Job Search

Affiliate Success

junior golf



After School Activities

Kitchen Remodeling

Air Purifiers


alternative energy

La Jolla California

American History


anger management

Las Vegas

Art Auctions

Law and Order

250 Mix Articles

Making Money With Articles



art marketing

Marketing Your Business

Aspen Night Life

Martial Arts


Medicines and Healthcare

Atkins Diet

Membership Sites


Mexico Vacations



Auto Navigation Systems

Mini Blinds or Wood Shutters

Auto Responders


Auto sound systems

mobility scooters




Motor Homes


Motorcycles and Scooters

Backyard Activities

Mountain Biking

Bargain Hunting


Bathroom Remodeling

New Air Travel Rules


New Years Eve Party Planning

Beach Vacations

New York


Newport Beach

Beauty biography

Niche Marketing

Black History

Nursing Assistant

Blog Marketing

Office Chairs


Online Shopping


OptIn List

Bluetooth Technology

Outsourcing Ebooks and Software

Breast Feeding

Paint Ball


Personal Loans

Buying A Boat

Pet Health Care

Buying Paintings


Candle Making

pH Miracle Diet





Hiking and Camping

Wart Removal

Hobby Articles

Web Design

Holiday Games & Activities

Web Traffic

Home and Constructions


Home Decorating

Wedding Favors

Home Schooling

Wedding Games & Activities

Home Security

Weight Loss

Home Theatre Systems

Weight Loss

Home-Theatre Hunting

Wine And Spirits

hypoallergenic dogs

Women’s Issues

International Airports




Ipod VideoIpod-Video





Pool Accessories

CD duplication



Power Tools

Choosing the Right Golf Clubs

Pre-Paid Legal

Christmas Shopping

Private Jet Charters


Private Label Resell Rights

Closet Organizers

Private Yacht Charters

Coin Collecting

Raw food

College Scholarship

RC Hobbies

Computer games & systems

Real Estate

Computers, Laptops


Retirement Planning

creating an online business

San Diego

Credit Card

San Francisco

Credit Cards

Satellite Radio



Cruise Ships




Data Recovery

Self Improvement Articles

Dating Women


Decorating for Christmas

Show Business

Dental Assistant

ski vacations


Skiing Locations



Diesel VS Gasoline vehicles

Ski Vacations


Sleeping baby





Disney land Dogs

Social Networking




Sports Car

elliptical trainers


Email Marketing

Summer Vacations


Supercross Racing

Excavation Equipment

Super Foods


Surround Sound


Swimming Pools

eZine Marketing


Family Budget



Tech Gadgets

Finance and Insurance



Thanksgiving Party Articles


Theatre Arts

foods and beverages

Time-Share Investments


Toothache -Tooth Care

Formula D Racing

Toothache and Tooth Care

Fruit Trees

Top Golfing Accessories


Tracking Software


Travel Tips To European Countries

Garage Remodeling

Universal Studio Tours

Gardening general

Vacuum Cleaners

Golden Retriever



Valentines Day

Golf Google Sense


Google AdSense



Video Sites

Health Insurance Articles

Video Streaming

Healthy Eating


High Definition Video Cameras

Vitamins and Supplements




Arguably One Of The Largest Collections Of PLR Articles Ever Put Together, Just Think Of The Possibilities………..

What Can You Do With These PLR Articles?

  • Earn huge amounts of cold hard cash, by providing the much needed content every webmaster needs, with these 15000 top-shelf PLR articles!

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  •  Plug the articles into your autoresponder, and keep your list members happy with a constant flow of information!

  •  In short, you can do absolutely anything you want with these PLR Articles, other than give them away!

  •  And much, much more!

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30 PLR Video Tutorials

30 PLR Video Courses

30 PLR Video Courses

Consisting Of 123 Videos That You Can Use To Kick-start Your Online Business And Generate SERIOUS Profits?

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30 PLR Video Pack

In this Amazing PLR video pack, you’ll be getting a PLR License that gives you the freedom every advertiser needs.

You’ll be getting instant access to download and “Claim” 30 internet marketing video courses (123 videos in total) that are finished unbranded and prepared to give your advertising business the kick off it needs to bring is general benefits and assemble an enormous endorser list.

You’ll have the capacity to rapidly set yourself up as an internet marketing master that pushes out great informative video courses to help his readers and subscribers.

Here Are Some “NINJA” Marketing Tactics You Can Implement Straight After You Grab This PLR Video Bundle:

  • Start your own PLR membership site and add a new video course for the next 30 months!
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  • Rebrand each video course and resell them individually.
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  • Use the videos to build your list (lead magnet).
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  • Learn from the video courses and implement the strategies in your own business.
  • Start your own video training membership to teach your customers about internet marketing and making money online.
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  • And SO MANY other ways, the license is “unrestricted” so you have POWER!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Grab This Deal:

  • Over 30 Professional quality PLR video courses
  • Unbranded videos so you can completely rebrand them.
  • Over 120 videos in total, ready to bring you in top profits!
  • Videos that comes in MP4 or AVI format and some have Flash web-ready videos too.

What Topics Are Covered???

  • 4 Figure Promo PLR Videos
  • 5 Secret Instant Traffic Sources
  • Warrior Forums For Business
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Amazons FBA System
  • Click Drive Media Traffic
  • CPA Facebook
  • Free eBooks Syndication
  • FB Ads Secrets
  • Facebook Mastery
  • Reddit Traffic
  • Hot New Traffic Source
  • How To Upload PLR
  • How To Install WordPress
  • Instant CPA Profits
  • Instant Traffic For Newbies
  • JV Giveaway Events
  • Make Money in 5 Minutes
  • Product Launches
  • Quick Cash
  • Review Blog Riches
  • Software Business
  • Solo Ad Breakthrough
  • Solo Ads Secrets
  • 6 Underground Traffic Sources
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Twitter Traffic
  • US Free Ads Traffic
  • WarriorPlus Tutorial
  • Yahoo Answers Cash

License Terms For The 30 PLR Courses:

[YES] You can brand the videos with your name

[YES] Can sell personal rights

[YES] Can sell resell rights

[YES] Can sell master resell rights

[YES] Can sell private label rights

[YES] Can be used as coaching

[YES] Can be used to build your email list

[YES] Can be added to PAID membership sites

[YES] Can sell on sites like Flippa / eBay

[YES] Can break video tutorials into smaller modules and/or sell separately

[YES] Can be re-packed[YES] Can sell as a one-time offer

[YES] Can add bonuses to the package

[YES] Can be added as bonus to a paid package

[YES] Can be sold in fire sales

[YES] Can be sold in dime sales

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to products you’re selling

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to products you’re promoting

[YES] Can be sold at any price you want

[YES] Can be re-recorded in other languages and sold to those markets

[NO] You cannot give the videos away for free (unless it’s to build your list!)

Get This Amazing Video Pack with Complete Resell rights for $15 only

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Reseller Tools

  • Includes Sales Page – Yes
  • Includes Download Page – Yes
  • Includes Autoresponder series, 5 Day course, BannerAds and Graphics – Yes

Distribution Rights

  • Resale Rights – Yes
  • Master Resale Rights – Yes
  • Private Label Rights – Yes
  • Giveaway Rights – Yes
  • Offered as a Bonus – Yes
  • May Modify Product – Yes
  • Packaged with Other Products – Yes
  • Added to Paid Membership Websites – Yes
  • Added to Free Membership Websites – Yes
  • May Publish Offline – Yes
  • May Sell on Auction Websites – Yes


plr flip

PLR Flip Ebook

PLR Flip

Private Label Rights or PLR for short is one of the best solutions for those constantly facing the challenge of generating new content. You can purchase “Private Label Rights” to articles, ebooks, and software with minimal investment. PLR content allows you to change the content as you see fit and put your name as the author then give it away or resell it.  (more…)

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Discover 10 Ways to Become a Successful Websites Flipper 

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Website flipping has emerged as one of the most lucrative businesses on the internet today. There is no doubt that website flipping if done professionally can result in unimaginable profits, that too with very little or no investment.

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