Affiliate Fire Extinguisher

Affiliate Fire Extinguisher

Affiliate Fire Extinguisher

“If You’re Using ANY Other Software That Claims To Boost Your Affiliate Commissions, You’re Almost Certainly Burning A Large Proportion Of Your Own Commissions, Without Even Realizing It!”

If you’re currently using any tool/script to hide your affiliate links, it is very likely that for some affiliate links, you are actually reducing your commissions by up to 50% – instead of boosting them!

The Problem…

Most affiliates don’t realize this – even the majority of successful ones – but affiliate links are NOT all the same.

There are lots of different technologies and scripts behind affiliate programs, all with their own unique properties.

These properties have a HUGE impact on what methods can safely be used to secure and promote the affiliate links.

If you use a strategy that is not fully compatible with the affiliate program script, you will lose some of your commissions.

This issue affects every single software tool available on the Internet which claims to help protect, secure or hide affiliate links.

“Link cloaking”, “link framing”, “link branding”, “embedded cookies”, “covert linking” and many other solutions all suffer from this problem.

Even the expensive scripts costing $100+ suffer from this problem.

From research conducted on the Internet, I can tell you that there are tens of thousands of affiliates who are currently losing some of their commissions – and in many cases well over half their commissions – to this serious problem

… and worst of all – NONE of these affiliates even have a clue that it is happening!

The Solution…

This problem means that is absolutely vital to make sure that you are using the correct solution to secure an affiliate link.

Unfortunately there’s no way to check this by just looking at the link itself.

It’s no use asking the affiliate program owners either, as they almost certainly won’t have a clue what you’re talking about. The details are just too technical and complex.

The only way to find this information is to perform a complex technical evaluation.

For the technically minded, this involves: “Spidering the link, following the pathway it takes to deliver visitors to the sales page and analyzing the HTTP cookie header data passed between the script and the visitor’s web browser“.

As you would expect from something that sounds as “techie” as this, you need a skilled and expensive technician to do this for you.

Until now there was no automated solution available.

But now our exclusive Affiliate Fire Extinguisher will automatically analyze your affiliate links and warn you if you are at risk of losing commissions – and will help you eliminate the risk automatically.

Hide Your Affiliate Links SAFELY…

Affiliate Fire Extinguisher is a simple tool that creates special “link hiding” pages, which can significantly boost profits.

Cloak And Brand Your Affiliate Links SAFELY…

As well as simple link hiding pages, Affiliate Fire Extinguisher also offers the more advanced solutions of “link cloaking” and “link branding”.

Quick And Easy To Use…

Just paste in your affiliate link, select the type of page required and click the Create button to instantly create a new link hiding page.

The tool will analyze the affiliate link automatically – and if there is a risk that you may burn commissions using that link, it will warn you and tell you how to avoid the problem.

The software also includes a special uploader (FTP) tool to make it quick and easy to upload the generated link hiding pages to your website.

Boost Your Commissions SAFELY…

More and more affiliates are now using link hiding pages to boost their affiliate commissions.
Most of them are using software that does not incorporate our special safety features – and as a result, they end up burning some of their own commissions – in some cases burning more money than they make by using the software.
Affiliate Fire Extinguisher’s solves this problem with its unique safety features, allowing you to boost your commissions SAFELY.
You might expect to pay a lot for these valuable features.
But if you order now, you’ll pay just $2.95 for your copy of Affiliate Fire Extinguisher.
Slide In Content Panel

Slide In Content Panel

Slide In Content Panel

“Quickly and Easily Add A Content Panel For Your Website Visitors!”

What This Amazing Software Does:

This software generates a panel that can contain any page within it. When the visitor opens it, it slides out from the right covering most of the current page. They can click on it to slide it back in.

Simply follow the onscreen instructions to design your own content panel to place on your web page.

Normally for such a piece of software that will help automate the process I would charge $27, but for a very limited time you can download this software for $3 only

Don’t delay while I continue this crazy offer, just click the orange button below to receive instant access to this groundbreaking software!

20 Amazing Software Pack

20 Amazing Software Pack

20 Amazing Software Pack

Get this pack of 20 amazing software that you will really love. These amazing software will help you boost up your internet marketing and SEO campaigns.

Software included in this pack

  1. Software – Article Analyzer
  2. Software – Article Indexer
  3. Software – Backlinks Analyzer
  4. Software – Backlinks Warrior
  5. Software – Conversion Equalizer
  6. Software – Easy SEO Ninja
  7. Software – Fast Cash Ninja
  8. Software – Find and Replace
  9. Software – Instant Content Creator
  10. Software – Keyword Research Ninja
  11. Software – Keyword Tool
  12. Software – List Cleaner
  13. Software – My Blog Announcer
  14. Software – My RSS Converter
  15. Software – PPC Campaign Calculator
  16. Software – Project Manager
  17. Software – Site Searcher
  18. Software – Testimonial Tool
  19. Software – Xyber Email Assistant
  20. Software – YT Rank Analyzer

Get this amazing pack now at an unbelievable price of $20 only means $1 for each software.

Easy PR Booster

Easy PR Booster

Easy PR Booster

Easy PR Booster is a powerful linking script that allows you to easily manage links across your entire site network.

This is a great way to distribute PR and increase search engine spidering.


 2.1  Unzipping the script

In order to begin installing the “Easy PR Booster”, unzip the installation pack. The contents of the unzipped folder should then be uploaded to a folder that you create on your web server.


You extract to: C:\Documents and Settings\Xybercode\My Documents\Easy PR Booster

You upload to:  /public_html/prboost

2.2  Setting up a MySQL database

Using your assigned cPanel or DirectAdmin set up a new database and username, which you can easily remember. Make sure that the database user has permissions to all functions for the database. It may be useful to assign the database name the same as your folder name and the user and pass something that you easily remember.

2.3  Updating the db.php file

In your HTML editor open the file db.php in the Includes folder of the package. Lines 3 – 6 contain the following information:

$host =

$user =

$pass =

$base =

Enter the following information between the quotes that follow:

Host = Your local host for your MySQL database (usually default is localhost), this is the default. Example:

$host = “localhost”;

User = The MySQL database username. Example:

$user = “username”;

Pass = The password of the user for the database that you created. Example:

$pass = “password”;

Base = The database name that was given to your MySQL database. Example:

$base = “databasename”;

2.4  Uploading to your web server

Using FTP create a folder on your server called prboost (or whichever name you prefer). Then upload all the files that you unzipped into that folder.

2.5  Finishing the installation

In your web browser go to the installation page of your Easy PR Booster. Example:

You will then see the following message:

This script will install Easy PR Booster. Before installing, make sure that you have edited the db.php file in the includes folder with your database information. When you are ready to continue, click below.

Click the Install button to complete the installation. After this is complete you will then see a button to login to the admin area.

2.6  Uploading a .htaccess file

If you are going to display the PHP content inside of your .html pages you will need to make sure that you have an .htaccess file.

You need to determine whether you already have a .htaccess file in your websites root folder.  If you do, download it to your local computer using your FTP software, and then open it with Notepad.

Look to see if this line exists in your .htaccess file:

AddType application/x-httpd-php htm html

If it does not, add it to the top of your .htaccess file, save that file, and upload it back up to your webserver.


To begin using Easy PR Booster simply go to:

Or if you can directly click the button after the install was completed.

The default username and password are both ‘admin’ without the quotes.

Using Easy PR Booster

4.1  Adding a new link

To start using the script you will need to add your first link.

You will see a ‘+’ button at the top right of the interface. Click that to add your first link.

4.2  Inputting the information of your link

You will then see the following interface:

Enter the required information and click the Add Link Now button.

Remember that information that you add for Link Name will be the text that is displayed for your link.

You can then add as many links as you like. Once you have added all the links that you require you are ready to add the links to your pages.

Note: You can easily add or remove links at any time and your pages will update automatically.

Applying to your sites 

5.1  Adding the include codes on your sites.

Once you have added all your links in the admin area you will be ready to add the scripts include code on the pages that you wish. Each link is tied to the keywords that you entered for your links.

  • The include codes

This is an example what your include code should look like:




You will simply need to replace the domain and keyword data to have the proper link code. You then simply copy and paste the above 3 lines and paste it as described below:

You can display your links by adding them to the pages that you wish the links to appear where you would like them to be displayed.

You can also look at the sample.html (inside the zip that you downloaded) file for an example of a proper include code.

5.3 Displaying the link vertically or horizontally

Use this code to display links vertically:





Use this code to display links horizontally:






You are done! I hope you enjoy Easy PR Booster.  NOTE: This is not a WordPress plugin – it is for an advanced user!

Affiliate PDF Brander

Affiliate PDF Brander

Affiliate PDF Brander

Here’s How You Can Promote All Your Products And Services On Autopilot Using The Power Of Viral PDF Reports.

Did you know that there is a simple, well-proven formula for promoting almost any product or service, with minimal cost and effort?
Here it is in a nutshell…
1. Create a high quality ebook or report which promotes your product or service
2. Set up an affiliate program paying commission on sales
3. Let your affiliates brand your ebook with their affiliate IDs and then give away or sell the ebook to others
This simple but highly effective strategy has already been used countless times to generate massive sales for all sorts of products and services.
The key to this highly successful strategy is to create a “brandable” ebook, which affiliates can easily brand with their own affiliate IDs or links.
Although brandable ebooks using the old “.exe” format have been around for a while, most ebooks now being released on the Internet are in the form of PDF files.
This means that to achieve maximum distribution of your ebook, you need to create a brandable PDF file.
There are a few tools around for branding PDF files, but they are generally very “techie” and often difficult for affiliates to use.
I’ve actually seen reports stretching to over 10 pages long, just trying to explain how to brand a simple ebook using one of these branders.
Affiliates hate complexity – and many affiliates just give up on branding PDF files as soon as they see the complicated branding software.
This of course undermines your whole promotion strategy, which relies on lots of affiliates branding your ebook with their affiliate links.
The Quick And Easy Solution…
Now there’s an alternative branding technology which offers a quick and easy, foolproof solution for branding your PDF files.
Our Affiliate PDF Brander software uses a brand new method of PDF branding, which works by creating special “branding packages” for your ebooks.
Your affiliates simply download your branding package, double-click on it and then fill in their details, one item at a time, following clear and simple instructions.
As soon as they have entered all the necessary details, the branding package generates and saves a complete, ready to use, branded PDF file onto their PC.
Branding a PDF file doesn’t get any easier than this!
Order Your Copy Now For Just $9.95 $3
Facebook Auto Responder

Facebook Auto Responder

Facebook Auto Responder

Are you too busy to respond to your fans comments and posts? Do you want to save thousands of dollars which you give your Fan Page managers? Do you want to quickly convert a visitor into a lead or fan? Facebook Auto Responder automatically responds to Posts and Comments on your Facebook Business Fan Pages. It will not only save your time but will keep your fan page very active. You can search for keywords and post a canned response. Moreover, you can schedule recurring comments and auto delete comments.


Here are some cool features of this application:-

  • Unlimited Fan Pages and Groups
  • Unlimited Users
  • Auto-responds to posts by Fans in your fan page.
  • Auto-responds to comments in Fan Page and Groups, based on keywords search.
  • Choose a specific post or run the search on the latest post.
  • Select / Post on multiple pages/groups.
  • Multiple keywords and phrases search option.
  • SpinTax
  • Schedule a comment on selected date and time.
  • Add recurring comments.
  • Auto deletes comments on a specific date or after specific time-lapse.
  • Limit number of pages on which a user can post.
Article Indexer II

Article Indexer II

Discover How You Can Pop Thousands of Your Articles Into Pre-Designed Web Pages And Upload Them To The Web With A Few Clicks of Your Mouse!

Never Spend Hours Manually Inserting Your Articles Into Web Pages Again! Now, You Can Save Countless Hours Of Time With New Autopilot Software!

Adding a few articles here and there is not a problem. But, when you get into adding hundreds of articles, your time is sucked dry.

As a result, time you would’ve spent growing business is now used up on maintaining what you’ve already got!

You either have to hire somebody else, put in more hours, or your business growth is stuck in a rut.  But, there’s one more option few people think of…

Putting Your Content Management On Autopilot With The Power of Software!

Let me introduce you to a new tool called, “Article Indexer.”  Article indexer is a new tool that takes your articles in text format and automatically converts them into pre-designed HTML pages.

Then, you can have it upload your pages directly to your website.  All you have to do is a click a few buttons and all of the hard work is done for you!

Countless hours of effort are now transformed into a few minutes of pointing and clicking.  The time that used to keep you glued to your computer is now wide-open!

Here’s The Full Range of Benefits You Get:

  • Advanced template system creates and stores any number of page templates you want your articles popped into!  This ensures every page looks alike and you are satisfied with the final look!
  • Advanced template system creates and stores any number of page templates you want your articles popped into!  This ensures every page looks alike and you are satisfied with the final look!
  • Alphabetize your articles with the the click of a button to keep them organized!  This feature is invaluable when you’re dealing with hundreds of pages!
  • Choose to display snippets of the articles within the index so that readers can quickly find the information they’re looking for.  As a result, your user activity and revenue skyrocket!
  • Enjoy a convenient option of determining how much (or how little) will be displayed on the article index pages.  You have full control of what you new website looks like!
  • After the articles are created, spit them out into a folder on your computer or directly up to your website!  Getting your new web pages created and online only takes minutes!
  • Create web pages in all of the desired extensions, including php, html, htm, or asp.  Whatever you need, it’s included!
  • Plus, many usabilities features to make managing your content a breeze!

Your Business Growth Explodes!

No more obstacles are in the way to getting your content published to the web fast.  This means you’re going to have the time to create more sites and have more content created.

Your business grows smoothly.  Best of all, you don’t have to pay a fortune.  The investment for your copy is only $47.  This is far less than hiring an employee or having to use your own time trying organize your content.

You’re likely going to make this amount back within the first day you get to spend making money, instead of copying and pasting!

We are giving it away for just $3





Article Analyzer

Article Analyzer

Get More Targeted Search Engine Traffic With Articles Optimized To Give You Prized Rankings That Pour In Sales!

If You Regularly Write Articles, Press Releases, Blog Entries, Or Any Type of Content You Publish On The Web, Then You Can Dramatically Increase Your Search Rankings With Amazing New Tool That Ensures Your Content Is Ready For The Search Engines!

To Reap Large Amounts Of Search Engine Traffic You Must Get Your Keyword Density Exactly Right!

Of course, you can go through all of your articles and compute your keyword density manually.  But, this takes forever with more than one or two articles.

Or you can make sure you have the perfect density every time and within seconds using a new tool called, “Article Analyzer.”

Article analyzer is a piece of software that automatically computes the exact keyword density with a few clicks of your mouse. 

As a result, you can rest assured that your articles are optimized to claim profitable search engine rankings!

Here’s The Full Range of Benefits You Get:

Quickly “test” all your articles prior to publishing them on the web to make sure you don’t waste all of your effort!  Relax knowing all of the time spent on each article is likely to pay off!

Ensure your keyword density is accurate for easy search engine approval.  Never miss-judge whether an article is going to hit the bullseye, costing you a prized profitable search engine ranking you could’ve easily had!

Quick catch and correct any spelling errors that might exist with built-in spell-checker.  Nothing’s worse than working for hours over an article and having an overlooked spelling error limit its success!

Get the word count, the number of times a chosen word or phrase occurs throughout the content, and the density percentage.  All of the data to make smart decisions so your articles pay handsomely are here!

Save each article in either .txt or HTML format for full flexibility and saved time!  Your content is ready for you to submit to directories, online newswires, or publish on your website!

Quickly spot your keywords inside your article with built-in highlighting feature!  This is a huge time saver when you’re trying to edit your articles!

Plus, more features to save you time and give the information you need to succeed with your content!

The bottom-line of why this tool is so important to your success comes down to this question…

How Much Time, Effort, and Money Are You Throwing Away With Content That Fails To Get Ranked In The Search Engines?

Just consider… if you create 10 articles and only 6 of them get in the search engines, then 4 articles are going to produce absolutely nothing after they’re first published.

You wasted your effort or money if you hired a writer.  Yet, this is what happens far more often than it has to.

Simply run your content through Article Analyzer to ensure the search engines are going to like it.  As a result, you’re likely going to make far more money from your content.

responsive themes

33 Responsive Themes

Responsive Websites:

Do you need a website for you or your client?

You don’t need to hire a developer you can save a huge amount by using one of these ready to use website templates.

Get this pack of 33 Responsive themes fully ready you can use to build your website.

These awesome looking web templates are built with HTML, CSS, CSS3 and Javascript.

web templates

If you are a developer you don’t need to spend any more time on creating website’s frontend from the scratch you can use it to build websites for your clients as all these templates have unique designs.

These templates are responsive to all mobile and tablets screens. So don’t waste any time and grab this pack of themes at a very low price.

We are giving it away for just $5


Auto Content Pro

Auto Content Pro

Auto Content Pro

Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Get Loads Of Search Engine Friendly, Automatically Updated Content On Your Websites – All Delivered On Autopilot!

SPECIAL BONUS: Master Resale Rights Included Free

It’s a well-known fact that Search Engines love regularly updated content on websites.

Sites which are regularly updated generally get ranked much higher than static sites that are created and then never touched again.

However continually updating your site with new content is rather a lot of hassle.

But now, there is an easier way.

With our powerful Auto Content Pro, you can instantly add a small bit of code to your web pages that will deliver regularly updated, search-engine friendly content – taken directly from some of the top article directories – and shown on your web pages on autopilot.

Get Free Automatically Updated Article Content

Auto Content Pro allows you to harness the power of so-called “Javascript Feeds”.

Many sites offer Javascript feeds, including several of the top article directories.

To use a Javascript feed, you simply visit the appropriate article directory site, select a few options and then paste the supplied snippet of code into your web page.

Instantly you get automatically updated content shown on your web page.

It really is that easy!

Easily Add Search Engine Friendly Feeds To Your Sites 

Auto Content Pro can be used to add search engine friendly Javascript feeds to any web page – in just a few seconds.

Just take the script code supplied by the article directory site – and paste it into the tool, then click the Create button.

The software will then instantly generate special HTML code.

The tool can either copy the code to the Windows Clipboard (so you can paste it into your web page using your HTML editor) – or it can directly insert the code into your web page for you.

Once you’ve used the tool and uploaded your updated web page, the feed will appear on your web page automatically, showing your visitors the very latest article content.

The feed looks exactly the same as if it was taken directly from the article directory – but because you’ve used Auto Content Pro, the content is readable by the search engines.

This provides regularly updated, search engine friendly, targeted content on your website automatically.

Full Master Resale Rights Included FREE 

Auto Content Pro is a great tool for boosting the profits of your sites – but I’m going to make it even more profitable for you.

Your copy of Auto Content Pro comes complete with Master Resale Rights.

This means you can sell the software yourself and keep all the money.

Just make one sale to recover your investment.

I’ll even give you a copy of this ready-made sales page to make it really easy for you.

Just add your own order button to the ready-made page, upload to your own web host and you can be ready to take orders instantly.

You can also use your copy of Auto Content Pro as a valuable bonus with other items you sell – or include it in packages and membership sites.

All This For One Low Cost…
If you’re not using feeds on your websites, you are missing out BIG TIME on the huge benefits of this powerful technology.

The search engines love them – and with regular new content on your site, your visitors will love them too.

Using feeds really is a complete “no-brainer” – especially as we have made it so easy to add them to your websites.

With the huge potential of this great software, you might expect to pay a lot for it.

However, I genuinely want to help bring the benefits of search engine friendly feeds to as many webmasters as possible.

So if you order right now, I’m going to let you have the software – complete with the valuable Master Resale Rights – all for just $3.