100 Exclusive WordPress Themes

100 Exclusive WordPress Themes:

“Why Are You Still Paying $97+ For
Exclusive WordPress Themes?
Here’s How To Get 100 Exclusive Themes Delivered To Your Inbox In 5 Minutes – For Free!”

If you’ve been bloggin’ with WordPress for a while, then you’ve probably found out that finding unique, exclusive WordPress themes is not that easy.

Sure, you can use one of the free themes out there, however, they are already being used by LOTS of other people.

So, where does that put you?

Your next choice would be to get a WordPress designer to create a unique theme for you. If you’ve ever done this, you know that this is going to set you back $97+ I am afraid that those were your only options….

“But Wait!”

Before you start doing that, let’s just look at why you should use WordPress. This script is a complete content management solution that comes free with most web hosts…


Here are just some of the awesome features already built-in.

  • Installs with just a few clicks.
  • Allows you to create a website without knowing any HTML.
  • Add content simply by typing directly into the interface or by copying and pasting it in.
  • Can easily change the look and feel of any site through templates.
  • You can have multiple categories for easy browsing and higher search engine positions!
  • Comes complete with its own RSS feeds
  • Automatically informs various other services (pings) when you add or update your content

And much, much more!

WordPress makes creating your own, low maintenance websites a breeze – and better yet – the search engines love them!

So that’s why WordPress can literally be your best, and closest friend, at least when it comes to launching your own websites.

 I’m going to give you 100 (one hundred) instant themes that you can use right away with the least amount of effort on your side, practically for Free!

All these themes will be “Plug-And-Play”, which means that all you have to do is upload it to your server, log in to your WordPress account, select the theme, and click save.

“Grab The Master Resell Rights to This Incredible
Package At No Extra Cost – But Only If You Act Now!”

Not only do you get these 100 professionally designed WordPress themes to match almost any blog you can think of, but you’ll also get the Master Resell Rights to 100 Exclusive WordPress Themes so you can make money as well, by reselling the themes to your clients or customers.

Here’s what you can and cannot do with the Master Resell Rights license:

[YES] Can be given away
[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be added to free membership sites

[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights

WordPress Plugin Set

WP Keyword Tool

WP Keyword Tool

This Plugin Gets Keyword Suggestions With Specified Keyword

This plugin is a keyword suggestion tool.

It will look for long tail keywords that people are typing.

These keywords are great for targeting, and keywords you probably would have never thought of.

This is a great tool to offer your visitors and will keep them coming back to use them.

Easy to install and use


1. Unzip file

2. Upload the content of “WP Keyword Tool” from “Product” folder into “wp-content/plugins” in your server

3. Activate plugin, on the left menu click “WP Keyword Tool” and configure the plugin

4. Now start creating post and paste this shortcode : [mnt_keywordtool] to use the plugin

The terms and conditions of use for Master Resale Rights:

[YES] Can be used on UNLIMITED DOMAINS that you own or flip
[YES] Can be given away (personal use only)
[YES] Can be packaged
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be branded with your information
[YES] Can be submitted to software directories
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can be flipped with it… Developer License Included
[NO] Can Modify the script
[NO] Can Sell or pass on PLR


Blog Themes Generator

Blog Themes Generator

Blog Themes Generator

“Instantly BOOST The Profits Of Your Niche Blogs With Your Own Exclusive, Professional-Quality Blog Themes
…Created In 60 Seconds Flat!”

Instantly Turn Any Photo Into A Complete Blog Theme In 60 Seconds

With Blog Theme Generator, you can turn any photo into a complete blog theme in around 60 seconds.

Here’s a holiday snap of a lake:


Now let’s turn this into a blog theme.

It takes about 30 seconds to “crop” the photo (i.e. chop off the bits we don’t want – in this case the top and bottom) – and then another 30 seconds to create the theme.

I’ll show you the details of the tools in a minute, but first let’s take a look at the resulting theme, generated in less than 60 seconds:


I think you’ll agree that’s a great looking theme – and because it’s from a holiday snap – it’s totally exclusive too!

Instantly Turn Any Header Graphic Into A Complete Blog Theme In 30 Seconds

It’s quick an easy to create a theme from a photo – but it’s even easier to create a new theme from a ready-made header graphic.

Header graphics are available from lots of sources. There are lots of packages of them available on the Internet – and many private label articles come with matching headers.

There are also many web designers who will create custom headers from as little as $10.

With Blog Theme Generator, you can turn one of these headers into a complete blog theme in around 30 seconds!

Here’s a typical header graphic:

Here’s a screenshot of the resulting theme, generated in 30 seconds flat:

This offers a quick and easy solution to quickly create lots of great looking niche blogs – with almost zero effort!

Quick And Easy Photo Cropping…

When using a photo (rather than a ready-made header graphic), you need to crop the photo to a suitable size first.

You can crop the photo using any graphics program – but it’s much easier to use our “Photo Crop Tool”, shown below

Click the “Select File” button and select your photo.

Now just slide the sliders at the top, bottom, left and right of the photo. As you move the sliders, parts of the photo will be hidden with white.

When the result looks correct, click the “Save” button to save the result.

That’s all there is to it!

Now you can turn this photo into a blog theme using either the “Create Blog Theme Tool” or the “Customize Blog Theme Tool”. 


Quick And Easy Theme Creation…

It’s quick and easy to create a new theme using Blog Theme Generator.

You can use either a ready-made header graphic or a cropped photo.

Here’s a screenshot of the “Create Blog Theme Tool”:

Click the “Select File” button and select your header graphic or cropped photo. It’s instantly resized to the correct size for your blog theme.

Now just select the appropriate color for the band at the top (shown in blue above). This is where your blog title will appear. The same color is used for the border around your blog.

You can select the color using a standard Windows color selection dialog. Alternatively, you can move the cursor over the photo and click to pick the color currently under the cursor. The result is shown instantly, so you can change it until it looks correct.

Now just click the “Save” button and the new theme will be saved to your PC, ready to upload to your WordPress installation.

It really is that easy to create a complete, ready to use, brand new theme!

Quick And Easy Theme Customization…

It’s also quick and easy to customize an existing theme using Blog Theme Generator.

Here’s a screenshot of the “Customize Blog Theme Tool”:

Click the “Select File” button and select the header graphic file (usually header.jpg) from the original theme.

Now select your new header graphic or cropped photo. This will be automatically resized to the same size of the original theme header graphic and then displayed.

All the colors used in the theme are shown underneath as big squares of color. You can replace each color with a new color, to match the new photo. Just click on any color square to highlight it and then pick a new color for it. You can either use a standard Windows color selection dialog – or you can move the cursor over the photo and then click to pick the color currently under the cursor.

When you’ve finished, just click the “Save” button and all the original theme files on your PC will be updated, ready to upload to your WordPress installation.

As you can see, it’s a quick and easy process to create your own fully customized version of an existing WordPress theme.



Wordpress Plugin Confidential

WordPress Plugin Confidential

WordPress Plugin Confidential

Turn Your WordPress Blog Into A Marketing Monster

There are over 25 million WordPress blogs as of this moment…and that number is growing daily. Wordpress Plugin Confidential
If you’re reading this…you’re most likely one of them.
And more likely than not…you’re pulling your hair out of your head trying to optimize your blog to get the best search engine rankings and the most visitors possible.
And you probably know that the way to that optimization is through the use of plugins.
But which plugins?
There are currently over 11,000 in the WordPress catalog…not to mention third-party sites.
Finding the right plugin for your needs can be an absolute nightmare.

WordPress Plugin Confidential To The Rescue:

I have ransacked the WordPress archives and have picked out 100 of the most must-have WordPress Plugins…hands down.

  • Save Countless Hours Of Search Time
  • Avoid The Frustration Of Trial And Error
  • Take Out The Mystery Of If It Will Work or Not!
  • Stop Wondering If The Plugin Is Outdated

100 Of The Best Plugins…A Click Away

Each plugin comes with the following information:

  • Plugin Name
  • Description Of Plugin Function
  • Direct Link To Plugin Download
  • Minimum WordPress Version Supported
  • Current WordPress Version Compatible To
  • Last Date Plugin Updated
  • Average Rating

WordPress Plugin Confidential cuts right to the heart of the plugins that you will need to fully optimize your blog and turn it into a marketing powerhouse platform.

How Would You Like To Discover…?

  • The Best Plugin To Load Your Pages Lightning Quick
  • The Best Plugin For SEO
  • The Best Plugin For Handling Duplicate Content
  • The Best Plugin For Building A Social Network
  • The Best Plugin For Handling 404 Errors
  • The Best Plugin For Hosting A Podcast
  • The Best Plugin For Handling Duplicate Content
  • The Best Plugin For Keeping Your Images And Content From Being Stolen
  • And so much more…

How Much Is Your Time Worth To You?

You could absolutely just go to the WordPress plugins directory and manually search through them all…testing each one until you find something you like.
Thousands of hours…possibly for nothing.
Or you can grab a copy of WordPress Plugin Confidential for a song and get the plugins you need…IMMEDIATELY.
The book is completely index (A-Z) so finding the plugin you’re interested in is a snap.
And this book can be yours for a paltry $29.95. only $3

But That’s Not All

You will also get WordPress Theme Confidential.

25 of the best WordPress themes (not at their site) covering everything from Anime to Video…all FREE.
Each theme comes with the following info:

  • Theme Name And Category
  • Quick Download Link
  • List Of Required Plugins For Theme
  • List Of Theme Features
  • 300 x 300 JPG Image Of Theme Look

Plus…a special link to an incredible site with hundreds of more FREE themes.


WP Tube Ninja 2.0

WP Tube Ninja 2.0

Are You Still Struggling To Generate Targeted Traffic?

SEO Guru Reveals Dead Simple Method For Hijacking Free Traffic From Google With Only 5 Minutes Of Work Per Day!

Google can either make you or break you!

I couldn’t care less what other web crawlers are out there… Google is KING.

On the off chance that you don’t get any Google love then you will be fortunate to profit by any means.

That is unless you need to pay for activity… what’s more, in many cases that will totally make you bankrupt.

Changing over paid movement is to a great degree troublesome and tedious…

You need to have a convoluted deals pipe just to make back the initial investment or make any benefit.

The ONLY individuals who profit from paid activity are propelled Internet marketer’s.

So What’s The Average Person Going To Do?

Keep It Simple!

That is the way to my prosperity (and YOURS as well).

I get the best outcomes and profit when I don’t overcomplicate things.

On the off chance that I go astray from this arrangement… I lose cash and dawdle.

What’s more, I totally HATE to lose cash and sit idle!

It makes me so irate, on the grounds that I could be investing energy with my children and accomplishing something fun.

I Refuse To Be A Slave To The Internet…
And Work More Than 30 Hours A Week!

In any case, it wasn’t generally similar to that…

I began bringing home the bacon on the Internet in 2003. My business actually EXPLODED.

The main drawback was I was working 7 days seven days…

It was new and energizing in the first place. I didn’t need to work constantly… be that as it may, I needed to.

It was a fixation… the cash was inebriating.

Well prepare to have your mind blown.

I passed up a major opportunity for a ton of awesome circumstances I could have gone through with family and companions.

I was getting wore out and discouraged…

One Day I Decided Enough Was Enough!

The time had come to concoct another strategy for success.

I simply required a straightforward approach to get free activity and profit while I’m off doing things I appreciate.

So I enlisted a developer and set out to build up a straightforward framework for siphoning free activity from Google.

Inside 3 months I was getting great outcomes… what’s more, after 2 months I had consummated the framework!

Presently I can without much of a stretch outrank specialist sites in any specialty showcase.

It’s crazy how well this functions. You don’t require backlinks or PageRank.

Truth be told, you scarcely require any substance whatsoever… it’s SUPER SIMPLE.

I Want To Hand You The Keys To Unlock Free Google Traffic So You Can Make More Money With Less Effort!

In case you’re similar to me, you esteem your opportunity and cash.

There’s no compelling reason to continue battling and making due with short of what you merit.

The speediest and most effortless approach to be fruitful is to “duplicate” another person who is effective.

I as of now put my profitable time and cash into building up this intense framework.

Presently I’m giving you everything on a silver platter… so you can at last rival the enormous young men!

Introducing WP Tube Ninja 2.0…

Your new WordPress activity creating machine!

Regardless of the possibility that you’re the greatest Internet beginner who can scarcely turn on a PC you can now…

Naturally rank higher in all the significant web indexes with our extremely quick web crawler enhanced WordPress topic!

In a flash increment your benefits utilizing our keen Ad Bar innovation… what’s more, you can even A/B split test numerous advertisements to reveal the best performing promotion!

Subtly shroud your member interfaces and divert movement to more than one URL utilizing our propelled cash making Link Monetizer!

Rapidly post related and important Youtube recordings to your blog with our super simple to utilize YouTube Video Tool!

Show irregular recordings in the sidebar of the blog to build the quantity of video sees, decrease ricochet rate and make your blog more easy to use!

Thus considerably more!

With WP Tube Ninja 2.0 you can without much of a stretch skyrocket your rankings and lift your deals by working more astute… not harder!

Are You Ready To Open The Floodgates And Get
Free Traffic Every Day Of The Week?

The clock is ticking… try not to give this prepare a chance to cruise you by.

On the off chance that you need free activity from Google then this is for you!

Here are the advantages of utilizing WP Tube Ninja 2.0:

Toning it down would be ideal! Only 5 minutes a day is all it takes.

It’s SUPER simple to do. Ideal for beginners and lethargic marketer’s.

This technique will NEVER be immersed. There are UNLIMITED specialties to target.

You can scale this as BIG as you prefer. Command Google with 1000’s of online journals.

Produce aloof activity and wage a seemingly endless amount of time with next to no efort.

This is pass on a standout amongst the best free movement frameworks available today!

So what are you sitting tight for?

You Will Be Successful If You Keep
Your Eye On The Prize!

I’ll be VERY blunt with you…

There’s a TON of poop out there and it can be hard to filter through the waste to discover something that really fills in as publicized.

When I initially began the Internet wasn’t immersed with item dispatches and built up tricks.

Individuals didn’t do enormous huge dispatches with a cluster of JV accomplices. Most items sold by listening in on others’ conversations and general offshoots.

I beyond any doubt do miss those days… be that as it may, tragically, circumstances are different.

Thank heavens regardless I have control over my own particular business in spite of all the disorder in the market!

I need you to be totally happy with your buy and the outcomes you get utilizing WP Tube Ninja 2.0.

That is precisely why I will forget about the hazard for you…

Simple. I know WP Tube Ninja 2.0 will get you more targeted traffic and top rankings. I use it every day and works like crazy for me!

I rank on the first page of Google for countless money-making keywords and the best part… I now have multiple passive traffic and income streams.

FB viral images

FB Viral images for WP

FB Viral Images for WP

Don’t Let Facebook Pick Your Share Image

Use this plugin to add a custom image for Facebook.

Plugin for adding a custom share image into posts.

When someone shares on Facebook or hits the Like button, the image you have added will be the one that is used.

WP Water Mark Plugin

Wp Watermark

Wp Watermark Plugin

Use WpWatermark To Quickly And Easily Brand Images On Your WordPress Site With YOUR URL!”

Turn Images Into SITE TRAFFIC With A Couple Of Clicks!

Grab The WpWatermark Plugin For WordPress With Full Private Label Sourcecode Rights, Including This Page, For Less Than A Coffee?”

The WpWatermark plugin is a tested and proven tool that will allow you to instantly brand your blog images on the fly.

IT Includes:WP Water Mark Plugin

This package includes WpWatermark, eCover graphics(X3 sizes), and this very salespage. You can set this up for sale or for free on your own site immediately, and start collecting opt-in subscribers and sales!

New AND Past Images Branded Instantly! **

That’s right! Not only will EVERY image you upload be watermarked with YOUR URL/text, but you can also apply branding to all of your PREVIOUS images with a couple of clicks!

(Branding past images is an optional feature, you may choose to only do future images – it’s up to you!)

Full Private Label Sourcecode Rights

Released under the GPL License System, so you are free to edit it any way you wish!

Use it, sell it, or give it away for free – it’s up to you!

Retail Price = $19       Our Price= $3 Only

WP Tube Maximizer Pro

WP Tube Maximizer Pro

WP Tube Maximizer Pro

WP Tube Maximizer is a plugin that can be used to add a YouTube Video which you can then use as monetizer. You can insert a YouTube Video into any page or post and you can also add the custom content into the video. The content can be text, link, button, or popup optin form promos.

Get this amazing Plugin for the lowest price.

Quickly And Easily Monetize And Add Content To Any Youtube Video In Under 5 Minutes And Watch In Amazement How Your Income Literally SOARS Through The Roof!

We All Know That Video Is The Future…Why Aren’t You Monetizing
Or Adding Content To Your Videos In Order To Maximize Your Revenue?

Well, now you can with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Distribution Rights:

What You Can Do:

  • Yes – You can add your name to the sales page and brand as your own!
  • Yes – You can set your own pricing on either of these packages. $17.00
  • Yes – You can offer them as bonus products to a paid offer.
  • Yes – Can be added to a paid membership site with personal rights.
  • Yes – Can pass Private Label Rights.
  • Yes – Can Pass Master Resale Rights.
  • Yes – Can Pass Resale Rights.

What You Can’t Do:

  • No – Can’t be given away for free. Has to be sold.
  • No – Can be sold as a WSO.
  • No – Can offer as a bonus to a WSO, or resell on the Warrior Forum as a Classified.
  • No – You can’t include in any dime sale events.
WP Snowy Plugin

WP Snowy Plugin

WP Snowy Plugin

Easily add a beautiful snowfall effect and have a Christmas tone on your WordPress site!

Distribution Rights

MRR License:

[Yes] Can give away for free (Personal Use license only)

[Yes] Can sell/pass Resell Right License (can’t give away)

[Yes] Can sell/pass Master Resell Right License (can’t give away)

[Yes] Can add (with RR or MRR license) to Paid membership site

[Yes] Can add to Free membership site (Personal Use license only)

[NO] Add to WordPress.org repository

[NO] Claim/change copyright, codes or credits

[NO] Others not listed

Christmas is coming sooner than we think, have some fun with your WordPress website, and prepare for Christmas.

You will get some amazing Gifts in this pack as well.

RETAIL PRICE = $8  OUR PRICE = $2 only

WP No Right Click

WP No Right Click

WP No Right Click

If you want to protect your website content so that no one can copy and paste it.

This plug-in is exactly what you need to protect your content. It disables the right click function so that no one can copy your unique content.

Installation Guide is also included in this package to help you through the process.