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JV list builder

JV List Builder

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Special Bonus Feature – Promote Money Making E-courses Without Losing Subscribers

Many people now send free e-courses out to subscribers as a way of promoting an affiliate program. There are lots of ready-made e-courses available on the Internet to help you do this.

By sending a complete series of emails, all promoting the benefits of the product, your commissions can be substantially improved.

If you use this solution, your subscribers are normally transferred to your mailing list as soon as they complete the course.

The problem is that most people who subscribe to an e-course cancel before they reach the end.

After you’ve gone all the trouble to recruit a subscriber, they never actually get onto your list!

The only way around this is to offer the e-course as an option, which people can subscribe to as well as subscribing to your newsletter.

That way if they cancel the e-course, they’re still subscribed to your list.

This requires the facility to subscribe people to two separate autoresponders at once. Also, in order to do this without getting complaints, you need to give subscribers a choice of whether to take the e-course, by offering a checkbox on your subscription form.

Unfortunately, very few autoresponders offer either of these facilities.

This leaves you stuck with not promoting an e-course (and losing the money you could make) or typically losing over half your subscribers before they even make it onto your list.

JV List Builder offers you an alternative, by instantly building forms for you allowing your subscribers to subscribe to up to 10 different autoresponders, each with a separate checkbox.

You can even choose whether to have each checkbox checked or unchecked by default.

This feature works with standard autoresponders as long as they accept subscription by email (almost all autoresponders provide this facility).

Now with your copy of JV List Builder, you can reap the benefits of money-making e-courses without losing subscribers – and all with just a few mouse clicks!

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