One Time Offer

OTO software


This script is a psychological tool, and its purpose is to increase sales conversions. It is probably
most powerful when it is used immediately after a product is sold to sell another product, but before
delivery of the first product has commenced; y ou present y our customer with the choice of ordering
y our second product, or going on to download the first product and rejecting the offer. This
approach will encourage people to decide quickly . If y ou use it in this way , the purchaser will be
very unlikely to try to circumvent the sy stem, because they will think that the only fool-proof way to
reach the one-time offer page would require them to purchase the first product again from a
different machine.  

The script could be used as the next page seen after somebody has opted into a mailing list to
obtain a feature-reduced or demonstration version of your product. Here, you may wish to thank
the user for signing up, and give them a one-time-only discount on the full version of your product.
Note, however, that people will realise that all they have to do to get the offer again is to go to a
cybercafè and register a different email address! This is normally to your advantage, because you
will still get a sale if they do this to circumvent the system, and it's probably a sale that you would
not otherwise have gotten.