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How to Run a Reputation Management Business

As a business owner, you probably already know about search engine optimization, and you may even already be an expert in social media marketing, but you ever heard of online reputation management?
What exactly is online reputation management?

That is a very good question, and one that is best answered in the following example:

What is the single best way to convince someone to buy a product or service? If you spend time in the business world you soon find out that the absolute best way to sell a product is to have that consumers friend sell it to them. In other words, a recommendation from a peer, also known as social proof, is the most powerful way to affect a buyers purchasing decision.

Today's consumers are more likely than ever to voice their loud and sometimes biased and untrue feelings about you and your business. Whether your business is a local pet store or a big-time chain, positive online reviews help to prevent losing potential and repeat customers.

Imagine the detrimental effect it could have on your business if negative reviews begin to pop up all around the Internet. If social proof is powerful in getting someone to purchase something, it can be just as powerful to convince someone to not purchase a product or service.

Learning how to manage and maintain your online reputation takes a lot more than simple search engine optimization techniques in social media marketing. Online reputation management includes a purposeful approach to online branding, customer management, and content creation.

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