The Dance

 A Substantial Addition to the Layman’s Understanding of the Dancing Art

The Dance: Its Place in Life and Art

Great dancing, to us, always had been a gratification of the same senses that are addressed by decoration.
The same suggestions, therefore, that convey the power to enjoy classic mural painting, would enable us to communicate our satisfaction in the dance.

But the question arose, was our point of view on dancing in accord with its real intent, and that of its performers and composers?

American love of animated beauty and delight in skill predestine us to be a race of ardent enthusiasts over the dance.

Among us, however, there are many who have never accepted it as an art worthy of serious attention.

As a gentle answer to that point of view, a historical résumé is included, wherein statesmen, philosophers and monarchs show the high respect in which the art has been held, save in occasional lapses, in all periods of civilised history.

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